Cool, tasty and delicious blended concoctions.

Ice Cream Soda

A flavorful blend of sparkling soda water, your choice of syrup and heavy whipped cream all topped with a huge scope of your favorite ice cream - 8.29

Milk Shake

A rich and thick blended old fashioned shake made with one of your favorite flavors of ice cream, milk and syrup. Topped with whipped cream. Regular - 7.29 | Large - 8.29

(Make it a Malted Shake for just 0.75 more!)

Fresh Banana Shake

We take a fresh ripe banana and blend it with milk and Vanilla ice cream to bring you this tasty treat - 9.09 (Add Malt for 0.75 more)

Coffee Cookie Shake

Coffee ice cream, Oreo cookies, a shot of espresso and milk blended together - 9.99

Ice Cream Float

Mounds of Vanilla ice cream floating in a tall glass of root beer or your choice of soft drink - 8.29

Sherbet Freeze

A low fat alternative! A delicious and refreshing blend of your choice of Sherbet and sparkling soda water will cool you off quickly. Regular - 7.09 | Large - 8.09 | Sherbet Flavors: Rainbow, Orange, Raspberry

Tropical Fruit Freeze

A low fat and tasty blend of Mango-Peach sorbet, orange and raspberry sherbet and fresh lemonade. Regular - 7.29 | Large - 8.29 (Great with a blended banana for 0.75 more)

Ice Cream Dish

Served with cookies and any one choice of your favorite ice cream. Small Dish (one generous scoop) - 5.59 | Regular Dish (two generous scoop) - 8.19 | Large Dish (three generous scoops) - 9.79


Warm, comforting and satisfying sundaes will chase all your troubles away.

Hot Fudge Banana Sundae

Large scoops of Vanilla ice cream surrounded by slices of banana and lavishly spread with hot fudge, whipped cream, chopped toasted almonds and a cherry - 12.49

Warm Apple Streusel Sundae

Perfect for a chilly day!  House made with sliced green apples and a crispy streusel crust.  Topped with Vanilla ice cream, a drizzle of caramel and whipped cream - 9.79

Red Velvet Cake Sundae

Your choice of one ice cream between red velvet cake topped with hot fudge, whipped cream, chopped toasted almonds, and a cherry - 11.79

Hot Triple Decadence Sundae

Treat yourself to this decadent and almost sinful creation. Layers of hot fudge, hot caramel and hot butterscotch toppings over large scoops of Vanilla ice cream and finally topped off with whipped cream, chopped toasted almonds and a cherry - 15.29

Warm Banana Bread Sundae

A scoop of your favorite flavor of ice cream and hot caramel over our house made banana bread.  Topped with whipped cream, chopped toasted almonds, and a cherry - 9.29

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San Francisco Creamery Co. Favorites